No hidden fees

All rates are per vehicle, not per person.

Airport parking fees, tolls, service fees and other applicable fees are included

* Charter services are minimal for 3 hours and go as follows:

-SEDAN (4 passengers) . . . . . .$45.00
-SUV (6 passengers) . . . . . . . . $55.00
-VAN (10 passengers) . . . . . . .$60.00

* For transfers our prices are calculated considering various factors e.g. type of vehicle, distance, pick up locations, etc. to check an exact price on a trip go to “Check Price”

Check Price

Why Choose our Car Service VS Taxi?

There is a false generalized concept, which is that the taxi service is cheaper than limo service, and this is not necessarily true. Ex, if your taxi gets stuck in traffic or if your driver does not know the shortest route to your destination ,usually you would end up paying much more for your transfer.

In most trips to and from the Orlando airport, "savings" in a taxi is so insignificant that it is not justified in comparison to the remarkable difference in comfort, reliability and service from our company. let's look at the following comparison table:

Price known in advance
Clean & Luxurious interior
Uniformed Chauffeur
All Fees included in the price
Luggage assisting at the airport
Waiting in line to get a car
Smelly car

Our commitment is to offer exceptional Orlando Airport transportation services to our customers, at affordable prices, always taking care of their budget.

For a free quote please click on price calculator.
*No hidden charges*


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Orlando VIP transportation provides the Florida visitors as well as the local community with the finest in luxury transportation services available.


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